About Beth

Who is Beth?

Beth Carson is an artist and designer residing in Central Pennsylvania with her husband Bob. When she’s not spending time with her four kids, she enjoys morning walks, reading, browsing through antique stores, and feeding her HGTV addiction. In addition to her art, Beth is also a design consultant and home stager for one of the top realtors in her county. She also regularly volunteers at a local shelter for pregnant women.

She is currently working on expanding her Mouna Mats collection and anticipating the arrival of two grandkids in the next few months.

Beth's Art

I love to create. If a day goes by when I have failed to create something, I feel like I’ve somehow wasted not only time but also an opportunity. It took me years to realize that the knack of transforming a napkin sketch into a beautiful functioning kitchen, a few dozen boxes of crayons into a colorful mosaic or a canvas into a portrait is a gift. This gift has been my saving grace.

I was born into an extremely creative family that has also had its fair share of dysfunction. It took years of riding those ups and downs of life before I harnessed them into my own form of therapy that I have dubbed, “just paint.” When I need to think, I “just paint.” When I’m feeling happy and inspired, I “just paint.” When I’m sad, frustrated or overwhelmed, I “just paint.”

As an artist I have learned to let go of the idea of perfection and instead focus on the freedom and joy of simply creating. I am drawn to those small everyday moments in life, the ones we so easily overlook in our increasingly busy and hectic days.

My work focuses on those everyday moments that so often go unnoticed; a baby’s happy smile, my daughter chatting with a friend in the coolness of the pool, my neighbor’s drooling but loveable dog- things that deserve more attention than our texting, e-mailing, Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming world can provide.

My recent work is also often closely cropped. This is my attempt to drown out the background noise and focus on the moment. A silly expression that might be captured on a camera phone in way less time than it takes to paint that same expression will also be forgotten just as quickly. But a hand painted piece of artwork allows for that same expression to last.

I paint with an attempt to live in the moment and many of my images are often set against a background that is multi-layered and sometimes pleasingly chaotic…just like life itself. This juxtaposition of intimate detail set against a backdrop that is less refined and less controlled is yet another way of zeroing in on the beauty and simplicity of a common object amongst the background noise of everyday life.

For more information on my artwork or services feel free to contact me.